Parker’s Swim School

Our new swim school introduces convenient registration and progressive levels for students starting at six months old, all the way to adults. Levels are designed for specific age groups to ensure appropriate curriculum, small class sizes and highly qualified instructors. Parents must get in the water with swimmers for Parker’s Babies classes, Parker’s Pre-K classes, or any class in which the child cannot swim and touch the bottom of the shallow end.

Fox Valley Park District offers swim lessons for all ages. View classes.

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  • Parker's Swim School

    Parker’s Babies (Parent/Child)

    Children and Parents are introduced to the pool through a gently structured swim class. This class encourages children to enjoy themselves while learning about the water. With the help of a parent, children will learn about body position in the water; they will learn how to float and other fundamental swimming and safety skills. Each child must be accompanied by an adult, swim diapers must be worn by children not yet potty trained.

    Parker’s Swim School (Toddler: 2-3 Y / Pre-K: 3-5Y / Youth 6-15Y)

    Level 1: Water Adjustment: Students with little or no experience work on swimming basics and becoming comfortable in water.

    Level 2: Swimming Basics: Students continue developing basic skills and learn body position in the water. Improvements to front/back glide, floating, and arm and leg movements help participants learn freestyle and backstroke.

    Level 3: Swimming Stamina: Building on front/back gliding and floating, students build endurance for freestyle and backstroke.

    Level 4: Stroke Fundamentals: While building more endurance, students learn the importance of rhythmic breathing. The basics of breaststroke and butterfly will be introduced. Swimmers must swim one pool length in freestyle and backstroke to complete this level.

    Level 5: Stroke Advancement: Participants combine arm and leg movements to enhance knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly. To complete this level, they must swim two pool lengths using freestyle with rhythmic breathing, backstroke and be comfortable in breaststroke.

    Conditioning (10-15Y)

    Must have passed level 6 of Parker’s Swim School

    Conditioning: Practice swim team drills with an experienced coach! Students will perform drills and workouts similar to what is expected on a competitive team, further refining strokes and endurance.

    Teen/Adult Swim Lessons (16Y & up)

    This class focuses on floating and general arm/leg movements for swimming freestyle and backstroke. To complete the level, students must swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke.

    How do I know what level to sign my swimmer up for in Parker’s Swim School?

    Consider your swimmer’s abilities:

    Level 1
    Can they float, put their face in the water, and kick across the pool without assistance?
    If, NO they should register for Level 1, if YES, check eligibility for Level 2-3.

    Level 2-3
    Can your swimmer attempt the breast and front/back crawl strokes and complete 25 yards without stopping?
    If, NO they should register for Level 2-3, if YES, check eligibility for Level 4-5.

    Level 4-5
    Is your swimmer working on stroke refinement, proper breathing techniques, and can complete 50 yards without stopping?
    If, NO they should register for Level 4-5, if YES, please check out Parker’s Conditioning (Pre-Swim Team), Riptides Swim Team, or Private Lessons.

    Private Swim Lessons

    Private Lessons: Four one-on-one, 30-minute lessons with skilled instructors are available. Instructors may be requested, but availability will vary.

    Semi-Private Lessons: Four semi-private, 30-minute lessons of two or more students of similar ability available.

    To register, contact Kelley Radeke, Aquatics Program Coordinator, at 630-978-7226 or email

    Water Aerobics


    • Deep Water ConditioningOur most intense class in the warm pool focuses on cardiovascular and strength training with zero impact. Experience the contrast between high and low-intensity progressions in the water. No class the entire week of July 3.
    • HEAT – This full-body Aqua cardio challenge is a fun and effective way to burn calories and strengthen muscles. This high-intensity class is great for cardiovascular fitness, coordination, muscle control, and flexibility. No class the entire week of July 3.
    Riptides Summer League

    The Fox Valley Riptides Swim Team Summer League runs from June 5 to July 15.

    • Ages 10 & under practice from 8:15-9:15 a.m. Monday to Friday
    • Ages 11 & up practice from 7-8:15 a.m. Monday to Friday

    Learn more about Riptides Swim Team